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Nov 25, 2012 9:00am PST
city. they have plans to move on the capital. it's part of a very bloody, bloody regional war. it's seen atrocity on both sides. it's cost millions of lives. you've been very vocal about it. what should the u.s. be doing here? >> this is the greatest humanitarian crisis that nobody has ever heard of. somewhere between 3 to 4 million people have been killed in the last few years. you have uganda that spilled across the border. the eastern congo is an ungoverned space that many different rebel groups have come into. there's hundreds and thousands of internally displaced persons. what the u.s. can do is send a high-level and bring a peace deal forward. we can help train security forces. we already have. that battalion is incredibly effective. we can engage -- and i can't emphasize this enough. people are dying. rape is an enormous problem in this part of the world. if you have rule of law and security, you can save hundreds and thousands, if not millions of lives and there's great opportunity. it's a place where we can be more involved in. >> i'm glad that you can be vocal about it. sa
Nov 24, 2012 4:00am PST
weather. new york city is clear and calm right now. it is a beautiful day there. but some parts of the country are bracing for wintry weather late this holiday weekend. nbc meteorologist dylan dreyer is here with the forecast. good morning, dylan. >> thanks, alex. good morning. we are starting off with some very cold temperatures. 13 degrees in minneapolis. we've got temps in the 20s right now in chicago. that cool air is going to settle in to the great lakes, combine that with a northwest wind and we are looking at lake-effect snow back in action across most of the great lakes this morning. and through most of the day for that matter. look at the last 24 hours. we've seen temperatures drop by about 10 to almost 20 degrees. dallas is nearly 20 degrees cooler than it was just this time yesterday. so we are only going to top out in the lower 30s across minneapolis, into chicago today, about 35 degrees. kansas city, 48. but denver, should top out around 70 degrees. you can obviously see where the warm air is located. we do have some warm air moving into the pacific northwest. also some sn
Nov 24, 2012 9:00am PST
where it came from. i could tell it came from this part of the city. >> explosion damaged about two dozen other buildings nearby. investigators are still trying to figure out how this happened. >>> an alabama sheriff's deputy was shot and killed responding to a family dispute. scott ward was a 15-year veteran of the baldwin county sheriff's office. another deputy was hurt. it's believed that this man, michael janzen pulled a gun and started shooting. he was also killed. >> everybody's pretty tore up. it's a difficult situation. and the sheriff's office in some respects is a large agency the largest law enforcement agency in baldwin county. we're still small enough that everybody's very close. i had personally worked with this deputy a majority of my career. i knew him very well. >> wkrg reports the wounded deputy is in critical condition. a third deputy was with them but was not hurt at the shootout. >>> walmart is calling its black friday events the best ever. the retailing giant says the crowds were larger than last year and scenes like this seemed to back that up. this battle for
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3